About our company

We are a small company located in Chesterland Ohio with a unique line of quality handmade light fixtures. We started this company selling our famous Barn Star Mason Jar Chandeliers. The fixture has been admired in our living room for nearly a decade. Even after so many years it can still capture the attention of guests and even family and friends who have seen it time and time again. We have since added a few more light fixtures to our line-up and will continue to do so as we find ones we personally enjoy or find the demand for. Our fixtures are a great accent to any country, farmhouse, rustic, or primitive decor scheme. We also have some fixtures that make a great addition to your industrial look.

Each fixture is made using UL listed parts from USA based suppliers. We test each fixture before shipping for quality control. Since we do offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders through our site, we ship using the most economical method available based on address. Our efficient light designs down to the recycled fill in our packages help keep costs down so we can offer our fixtures at great low prices. Just compare our products to any other similar competitor products and you will see how affordable our prices are. Shop with confidence as our site uses secure checkout by Paypal.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products that cannot be answered from our products page and item descriptions.